Sexy Babes Abusing An Innocent Guy

Posted on September 30, 2014 by Girls Abuse Guys

Care for some girls abuse guys action? Welcome to this Girls Abuse Guys release of Prison Break, then! The innocent guy appointed to be the guard to the two hotties merely wanted to have some good wholesome fun with two asses and a dildo, but he found all his plans crumbling once his gun was taken away from him. See how submissive guys can be when they have got a gun pointed in their head and a dildo up their ass. This female domination trip gets really underway when these two girls abuse the guy by taking turns fucking him with the dildo he brought into the cell himself! CLICK here to enjoy full video.

Girls Abuse Guys

What horrible humiliation to be miked for sperm like a cow, unable to do anything to stop the throbbing dildo deep in this humiliated man's ass. This femdom flick takes a turn for the worse when the big humiliated guy starts crying for them to stop fucking him in the ass, but the two female dominating girls pay no mind and wank him so that the miserable humiliated male ends up cumming all over his sorry self, submissive, broken, crying like a little bitch. SEE more pictures here!

Beautiful Lesbian Girls Abusing a Horny Stud

Posted on September 25, 2014 by Girls Abuse Guys

Here's a free lesson for you all on Girls Abuse Guys: never interrupt a lesbian fuckfest. Why, I hear you ask. Well, because it can turn out that the two horny bitches you were just watching fondle one another's pussy so gently might just turn out to be fucking femdom animals that will rape your sorry humiliated male ass in turn! Jim was peeping through adoor crack and spying on these two female domination mistresses, thinking they will jump on the opportunity to show some loving for him as well. CLICK here for download.

Girls Abuse Guys

Turns out he only brought ruin to himself and his asshole. This sorta innocent guy got humiliated and bended over the toilet, only to get his brains fucked out of his humiliated male skull by two girls who abuse guys with huge strap-ons! This horrible man humiliation continues, since he is too fucking submissive to do anything about it, with the two sex demons taking turns violating the poor sod until one of them jokingly milks him and has him cum on her hand, thus "satisfying" his wish to plant his humiliated seed on them. The little fuck is left crying on the bathroom floor while the two girls walk away laughing. FOLLOW this link for more pictures!

Horny Lesbians Fucking a Guy and Doing Nasty Handjobs

Posted on September 20, 2014 by Girls Abuse Guys

If you are looking to see the hottest guys getting humiliated by the sexiest girls there's no greater place to go than girls abuse guys. Watch this as horny lesbian babes take everything under their control to teach this submissive male whore the object of obedience. They tie him up good and put him through the test of female domination, only to transform him into one of the hottest submissive puppies around!

Girls Abuse Guys

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Pizza Boy Abused By Horny Lesbians

Posted on September 15, 2014 by Girls Abuse Guys

Welcome to the Girls Abuse Guys freaky girls' night in. These two lesbians have decided to order a pizza from the local restaurant, being hungry from excessive sex and all. Unfortunately, the stupid fuck on the other side of the line thought that the toppings were actually the real order, so he comes to their home carrying veggies and fruits. The two bitches get horribly angry and turn femdom on the guy, grabbing on their dildos and strap-ons. The submissive guy is so scared that he can't even run away, ending bent over the sofa with a size XL dildo up his tight virgin asshole. SEE streaming video!

Girls Abuse Guys

Thepathetically humiliated man, almost completely an innocent guy this time, pleads for mercy and tries to wrestle free, but the dominating girls shove it up his tiny asshole harder and harder! The female domination horror show continues in this Girls Abuse Guys special when the angry girls turn him on his back and fuck him some more. To hisnever ending shame, his cock starts to stiffen and the girls start wanking him off. He soon finishes all over himself, red from humiliation. As they let him go, they demand he returns with their proper order this time! DOWNLOAD all pictures right here.

Hot Lesbian Couple Fucking a Horny Boy

Posted on September 10, 2014 by Girls Abuse Guys

Girls Abuse Guys has another story for you today. This time it's the kinky club owners interviewing for a new stripper for their sex club downtown. The soon to be hopelessly humiliated guy is asked to strip in front of the two hot owners at first. Next, he two sex dolls demand that the potential employee jerks off in front of them. This makes them horny and they start their show with tying the poor sod to a dancing pole. Once the humiliated man feels a finger up his ass, he gets agitated and starts asking them to stop. CLICK here for download.

Girls Abuse Guys

But the femdom loving girls are far from being done with him. One goes down to suck his stiffening cock, while still loosening his anus further with her fingers. The other prepares some true female domination for this soon to be very submissive guy. She gets an extra large pink dildo which replaces the finger in the unfortunate innocent guy's ass, and the poor bastard realizes his fate much too late to change anything. He does seem to be enjoying the blowjob though and as this Girls Abuse Guys production nears its end, he ends up cumming all over the dominating girls. FOLLOW this link for more pictures.

Stripper Guy Gets His Ass Fucked By Lesbians

Posted on September 5, 2014 by Girls Abuse Guys

Try not to let this Girls Abuse Guys production get to you, if you can! WE have discussed the danger of walking in on crazy girls when they have their special night in, but it's a wide subject with many possible scenarios. These two hotties were having wine and discussing their exes, having invited a stripper to come on over and do a private show just for them. It would have been all fun and games, were they not drunk and covert femdom fetishists. SEE here for full video.

Girls Abuse Guys

The soon to be humiliated guy was stripping and actually enjoying being groped by what he thought were two sluts he just might end up fucking together tonight. Once the dominating girls were naked as well, the real party started. One of them gets the strap-ons they recently bought to have fun with each other and they push the confused stripper on all fours, forcing him to take a considerable length of hard rubber up his virgin sphincter. The innocent guy's cries for mercy of soon turn into a submissive guy's sobs, as they keep pounding his asshole with unrelenting force. This Girls Abuse Guys flick ends with the unfortunate man is forced to cum all over himself in the end, as well. GET the entire gallery now.

Sexy Nurses Abusing An Innocent Patient

Posted on August 31, 2014 by Girls Abuse Guys

This Girls Abuse Guys video is all about the dangers of working as a male nurse in a clinic with lax security. The guy in question was found to be the chief suspect for medicine theft and was confronted by the female doctor and another nurse. They search him and the innocent guy gets quite scared of them. After making him strip, the girls realize that they could have some femdom fun with the submissive guy, while they are at it, so they plug some fingers up his ass. CLICK here for download.

Girls Abuse Guys

Turns out that the humiliated guy is actually sorta turned on by this whole ordeal, even though he would rather die than admit it. His cock doesn't lie however, and the two female domination experts proceed to humiliate the man by laughing at him and fucking him over the doctor's desk. When they turn him over, his cock is as stiff as a rod, and the dominating girls are delighted. One of them then takes to jerking him off violently, while the other keeps on plowing his virgin asshole all the while until he cums all over himself, like a true Girls Abuse Guys pansy. FOLLOW this link for more pictures.

Innocent Girls Taking Revenge On Their Kidnapper

Posted on August 26, 2014 by Girls Abuse Guys

A good old kidnapping goes awry in the following Girls Abuse Guys video. The dude kidnaps two hot chick to have some fun with but doesn't realize how wrong his choice of victim was until too late. The two Girls Abuse Guys stars are more than capable of overpowering their would be tormentor and get ready to show him some femdom love as soon as he's down. The dominating girls get a hold of a dildo and strip the guy and themselves bare ass naked. With the male humiliation imminent, the poor slobbering bandit pleads for mercy, but all hereceives is a firm dildo up his deserving ass. GET the entire gallery now.

Girls Abuse Guys

The not-so-innocent prick ends up sitting on a chair, with one of the female domination enthusiasts shoving a dildo hard up his shitter, and the other wanking of his slowly waking up cock. This overly submissive fucktard ends this Girls Abuse Guys lecture making a complete wank of himself by cumming all over his legs and torso, with the girls laughing and free to call the cops. SEE here for full video.

Two Hot Girls Fucking An Innocent Boy

Posted on August 21, 2014 by Girls Abuse Guys

A secretary is a dangerous thing, as you are about to see in this brand new Girls Abuse Guys video. An entrepreneurial slut has just finished an interview with a new secretary, with whom she is so pleased that she leaves her in the house and goes off to do more important stuff. Her unfortunate boyfriend ends up waking up with a beautiful stranger in the house whom he makes the mistake of trying to get to bed instantly. SEE more pictures here.

Girls Abuse Guys

The new secretary is a prude it seems, and gets quite pissed with his behavior. She talks to her new boss, who is his girlfriend, and they end up devising a hellish femdom plan to make the soon to be humiliated dude pay for being a male swine. They take him down violently and rip his clothes together, putting on strap-on cocks. The two female domination adepts start fucking the poor humiliated man right up the ass on all fours, forcing him to lick pussy once he's down oh his back. While his girlfriend still fucks his ass violently, the secretary reaches for the sucker's cock and makes him cumpathetically, and the girls just laugh at his misery ending another Girls Abuse Guys masterpiece. CLICK here to enjoy full video.

Girls Fucking a Boy In Hell

Posted on August 16, 2014 by Girls Abuse Guys

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